PrivatQ is a startup based in Indonesia, providing on-demand private courses for students. We help them design the app and website that reflects their values, easy to use among the students and the teachers, and for their future scalable features.


PrivatQ is a C2C platform, provides on-demand courses for students and new opportunities for teachers.

  1. Analyzing, and fixing the UX and UI problems within the app
  2. Establishing the brand’s atribute for the app design
  3. Improving the website’s communication and design
  4. Implementation of website’s design through WordPress CMS



  1. Conducting and defining the user persona
  2. Analyzing the UX problems and defining the better flow and information architecture
  3. Starting the production of the assets (icons, illustrations, hi-fidelity design)


PrivatQ has visually and structurally unified its web and mobile view. user experience has been significantly improved.


  1. The mobile and web platforms have received very positive feedback – new projects are taking shape.
  2. PrivatQ is in the first position in google SEO with good search

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