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Lontarmedia is a printing company, a subsidiary of PGRI in Semarang City, Indonesia.


Lontarmedia wanted to attract new customers, optimizing and improving their digital experience.

  1. Analyzing problems and designing new UX for the website
  2. Establishing the brand’s attribute for the web design
  3. Improving the website’s communication and design
  4. Implementation of website’s design through WordPress CMS


In order to improve the website’s usability and integrations, processes needed to be taken as shown below :


  1. Conducting and defining the user persona
  2. Defining new digital marketing strategy
  3. Analyzing the UX problems and defining the better flow and information architecture for the website
  4. Starting the production of the assets (icons, illustrations, hi-fidelity design)


Lontarmedia has visually and structurally unified its web and mobile view. User experience has been significantly improved.


  1. The mobile and web platforms have received very positive feedback
  2. Lontarmedia is in the first position in google SEO with good search

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