Indonesian Youth for Small and Medium Enterprises (IYS) exists and stands to help solving their business problems in order to be sustainable and competitive.


IYS Indonesia is a non-profit organization that provides consulting service to growing enterprises in Indonesia. 

  1. Re-designing IYS’s web and mobile applications’ system within the defined budget,
  2. Modernising IYS’s visual content in accordance with its NGO identity guidelines,
  3. Make webiste more mobile friendly than old website


As first step, Cafeworkinc and IYS Indonesian conducted a joint design sprint. The sprint resulted in the defining of the main technical challenges. As a result, Cafeworkinc was contracted to execute the re-design of IYS Indonesia’s web and mobile applications. Our approach included:


  1. Defining system’s inconsistencies and weak spots
  2. Move system from Wix to WordPress but with advence system
  3. Re-designing IYS Indonesia Website architecture on the basis of design sprint’s findings,


IYS Indonesia has visually and structurally unified its web and mobile view. IYS INdonesia user experience has been significantly improved and modernised.


  1. The mobile and web platforms have received very positive feedback from the client – new projects are taking shape.
  2. IYS Indonesia in the first posititon in google SEO with good search

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